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Wilson Lake Sports Association

31 Phyllis Dr
Florissant , CO 80816

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Fishon said ...

Never ever be remiss in seeing if the "Colorado State Flag" is up(oops forgot) before donning the lake premises with pole or leashed dog,this is a visual reminder only and better remember to not be there.You will be verbally abused by the drive by caretaker who needs a caregiver and feel like an infant for being such an irresponsable,due paying ass!

2011-05-26 08:53 PM

sickened said ...

This is a miserable place to live. The good ole boys try to control your life. The Caretaker is a pathic liar and nasty old man. He is usually trashed by 4pm and becomes even nastier. The Sportsman Association refuses to take action and continues to employ this person. Currently there are For Sale signs everywhere in the subdivision. If you are one of them you'll be fine...but if you want peace and privacy, you will not find it here. Between the Association and the local sex ain't worth it.

2012-06-09 12:49 PM

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