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Melanic Islamic Palace Of The Rising Sun

Po Box 40712
Redford , MI 48240

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Phoenix-X said ...

I.C. Solah In the Name and Cause of Allah*Sulah Honors giving to Nat Turner Phoenix-X

2010-05-18 12:09 AM

Buck-X said ...

I.C. Solah to all of the vanguards still persevering in the eternal struggle so represented by those two spirits in constsnt conflict over the souls, minds, and bodies of the Melanic Brotherhood.

2010-10-25 05:59 PM

SOLOX said ...

SOLO X has returned to society.....I.C Solah

2011-02-05 08:23 AM

jackson-x said ...

I.c solah comrades, honors to bratha Nat, so whats been going on? Jackson-x

2011-07-09 02:48 AM

DukeX said ...

I.C. Solah, may all the vanguards continue to preserve and practice MIPRS. Its time for all of us to come together in THE WORLD. We need each other out here, brotha's comin home lost and we need to honor the brotherhood.

2011-11-24 06:11 PM

BobbyJackson said ...

I.C Solah Bro's praises to Allah 'Sulah (God). Honors to Nat Turner. Check MIPRS out on facebook.

2012-10-08 10:31 AM

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