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Desdas Grate Inc

192 Mayflower Ave
New Rochelle , NY 10801

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Caroline said ...

I lived here once. I thought it was a nice comfortable house, compared to other places out there. I did not however like the way certain things were. Every one comes and goes about there business, certain girls are given special treatment, while others almost did not exist. The lady that runs the house seems to pick and choose who she reaches out to, which I thought was unfair. If your running a program to help people, then you should help everyone equally. The lady also tries very hard to make it appear to outsiders that she is running this happy positive house, but most of the residents hardly interact with each other and sometimes don't even interact with her. The lady also talks about some of the girls behind there back and judges them which is not nice, considereing she is a grown adult in a high position and also a nun.This lady will stand in front of you with the biggest smile on her face and then an hour later she is talking about you in a negative manner. There is a women there who they call a sitter, she is not that great,and complains all day even though she never does anything. Im glad I didn't live there long it's not the best environment and these are not the kind of people I want to be around.

2011-08-08 07:24 AM

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